Chiffre d’affaires annuel et du 4ème trimestre 2015

February 03, 2016

Adjusted annual revenues increased 1.1% to €1,437 million at current rates, remained resilient during the prolonged oil industry downturn

  • Regionally, adjusted revenues in 2015 in Africa continued to be resilient, steady versus the prior year and in the Americas, adjusted revenues increased almost 40% partly due to additional vessels in the fleet, while adjusted revenues in Asia continued to decline (-19%)
  • Adjusted revenues were positively impacted by foreign exchange rates with an increase of 1.1% at current rates in 2015 compared with 2014, and decreased 8.6% at constant rates
  • Average daily rates declined for the year in all segments of Marine Services, reflecting the impact of the difficult market conditions throughout the year
  • Average utilization rates excluding crew boats in the 4th quarter declined more than 10 points versus the prior year period; average utilization rates were steady versus the 3rd quarter 2015
2015 figures are unaudited
In € millions, unless otherwise noted
QuarterFull Year
Q4 2015Q4 2014(restated)∆ 2015/
Q4 201520152014(restated)∆ 2015/
Operational indicators     
Number of vessels (FTE)*508.0497.5+2.1%502.8503.0492.2+2.2%
Number of vessels (end of period)**511505+6 vessels507511505+6 vessels
Average utilization rate (%)72.1%81.7%-9.6 pts73.7%75.5%81.0%-5.5 pts
Average daily rate (US$/day)10,78112,429-13.3%11,16711,38112,254-7.1%

(*) FTE: Full Time Equivalent.
(**) Vessels operated by BOURBON (including vessels owned or on bareboat charter).

Adjusted Revenues (a)
Marine Services275.7314.3-12.3%279.01,166.71,155.9+0.9%
Deepwater offshore vessels106.1111.4-4.7%101.9431.5411.7+4.8%
Shallow water offshore vessels103.0127.8-19.4%107.2449.8455.71.3%
Crew boats66.675.0-11.3%69.9285.5288.5-1.0%
Subsea Services53.367.6-21.1%61.0252.3244.2+3.3%
Total adjusted revenues334.2388.5-14.0%344.11,437.11,421.1+1.1%
(change at constant rates)  -17.5%   -8.6%
IFRS Impact***(26.1)(25.5)(23.8)(107.5)(74.7)
Group TOTAL308.1363.0 -15.1%320.21,329.61,346.4-1.2%

(***) Effect of consolidation of jointly controlled companies using the equity method.
(a) See page 2.

Average utilization rate (excl. crew boats)
76.7%87.5%10.8 pts76.0%79.1%87.7% -8.6 pts
Average daily rate (excl. crew boats US$/d)16,80919,871-15.4%17,85818,08919,658-8.0%

“In 2015, BOURBON achieved adjusted revenues of €1,437 million, showing resiliency despite a very difficult market”, says Christian Lefèvre, Chief Executive Officer of BOURBON.
“As the industry remains in this prolonged downturn, BOURBON remains focused on what it can control: safety, cost control initiatives and operational efficiency”.

(a) Adjusted data:
The adjusted financial information is presented by Activity and by Segment based on the internal reporting system and shows internal segment information used by the principal operating decision maker to manage and measure the performance of BOURBON (IFRS 8). As of January 1, 2015, the internal reporting (and thus the adjusted financial information) records the performance of operational joint ventures on which the group has joint control using the full integration method. Adjusted comparative figures are restated accordingly.